Who We Are 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a holistic education to motivated young women to become confident thinkers and compassionate leaders with a sense of purpose to effect change in the world.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a warm and joyful learning environment that inspires students to develop a love for learning and helps them perform at their highest potential.

Our Values

Our Values are rooted in our Motto 'Labore et Constantia' meaning Toil and Fidelity. It defines our expectation that our students participate as citizens of a small school and a larger world. We promote the development of self-confidence, concern for others, the capacity for responsible risk-taking and ethical decision-making. Our mission and our motto are underscored by a commitment to our core values, of conscience, courtesy, character, courage, and charity.

Our Strategy

Our strategic plan is to educate girls to lead in a changing world.
We dedicate ourselves to superior instruction through academic, physical, character-building and enrichment programs while creating a caring community, a talented staff, state of the art facilities, and a strong financial base.
Building upon 150 years of rich history and deep roots in girls’ education, La Martiniere Girls' College blends a celebration of tradition with a spirit of inquiry that transcends the classroom. Today’s La Martiniere Girls' College is more dynamic than ever, thriving in the culture of innovation and on the cutting edge of teaching and learning.
We infuse La Martiniere Girls' College with relevant, hands-on and real-world educational experiences, allowing each girl to take risks, work through frustrations, and balance her setbacks with her successes and achievements. Whether working collaboratively or studying alone; in the history classroom, around the biology lab, or on the basketball court; designing a challenge or building a solution, La Martiniere Girls' College students acquire the skills and confidence to succeed not only in the classroom, but also in their lives.
We strive to prepare young women to emerge as leaders and problem-solvers in a rapidly evolving global community. To embrace the education challenges of the future, we find innovative ways to ensure the school stays nimble in an ever-emerging field of opportunity and retains its place at the forefront of girls’ education.

School Song



Hail! Hail! The name we own,

Hail to the giver :

Blessing and bright renown,

Be his for ever!

All his martial deeds may die,

Lasting still his charity

This his laurel blooms for aye,

Dead, he lives in us today,

This, then, our song shall be,

As we chant his eulogy-

“May our Founder’s name endure,

Ever spotless, ever pure!”       




Faithful may we ever be,

Followers of his constancy;

Firm of hand against the foe,

Soft of heart to succour woe.

This, then, our song shall be,

As we chant his eulogy-

“May our Founder’s name endure,

Ever spotless, ever pure!”



F.J.Rowe, M.A., Second Master

La Martiniere College Calcutta (1868-1890)

School Prayer

O Almighty God, and most merciful Father,
Who has taught us to praise Thee as well for the dead as the living,
We thank Thee for Claude Martin, our Founder,
And for the lives and examples of all who have served Thee in this school.
Pour down Thy blessing, we pray Thee, upon those who are now here.
Prosper our labours, as Thou, in Thy wisdom, seest to be best for us.
Protect us, we beseech Thee, from all things hurtful both to soul and body.
Preserve us by Thy Holy spirit from sin and selfishness,
And make us generous and brave, pure and true, in all our work and in all our play,
That our tasks, being sanctified by Thy love, our days here may be attended by Thy blessing, 
And that when our days’ work on earth is over,
Thou mayest send us rest from our labours under the shadow of Thy wing,
For the sake of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. 

The Four Houses