Sesquicentennial 2019: One Hundred and Fifty Years

One of Major General Claude Martin’s lasting legacies gave life to La Martinière Girls' College, Lucknow, in 1869. Eternally indebted to our Founder, 150 years later, we are proud to celebrate our Sesquicentennial year. Guided by our motto “Labore et Constantia”, meaning “Toil and Fidelity”, our duty is to be a beacon of opportunity for promising young minds. Throughout 2019, let’s celebrate 150 years of empowering women and let us project that empowerment forward for another 150 years.

Important to know before ordering your Event Passes Download/Print(Click here)

1. You will need your User ID & password to log in to buy passes.
 Your User ID is the primary email ID used for your profile.
 Your User ID & password were sent via email when you first registered as an Alumni.
 Please keep your Indian Credit/Debit Card/Net banking info ready for payment.
Note: currently our payment gateway is not set up to accept Foreign credit cards or bank transfers from overseas accounts (including Nepal).
As per Income Tax Act the purchaser will need to upload a scanned copy of his/her PAN card or any valid Photo ID with address. (File size not more than 1MB. File should be in jpg or jpeg format only).

2. Registration Fee: A ONE-TIME Registration Fee of INR 500 per person is levied to off-set administration costs. You do NOT need to buy passes in one transaction or at one time. You may buy event passes in separate transactions for yourself and your guests. The Registration fee will be charged only the FIRST TIME that you purchase the passes. The next time you return to buy additional passes for the SAME person/name, the Registration fee will NOT be charged.

3. You can purchase Event Passes for your family & friends (Name of guest per their valid photo ID is required)
 All Passes will have a QR code
 Event Passes are non-transferable.
 Purchased passes will be emailed to the purchaser's email ID. You can forward the passes to your guests. FYI - You can also download/print the passes from “My Order”

4.On the day of the event:
 Please bring a printed (paper) copy of the Event Pass to the gate.
 Event Pass purchased with a valid photo ID is required to enter College premises.
 For security reasons, “in and out privileges" from the College Campus will not be permitted.

5. Refund of Passes: In the unlikely event you need to cancel your purchase, please access “My Order” to request a cancellation.
a) All refunds will be processed by 31st Dec. 2019. For questions please email LMGAA2007@GMAIL.COM
b) You will receive:
i. A full refund for cancel requests received by 31st Oct., 2019
ii. 50% refund for cancel requests received by 14th Nov.,2019
iii. 15th Nov. onwards no refund is due

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