Admission: Building Brighter Futures with a Top-Notch Education

Thank you for considering applying to La Martinière Girls College. We value your decision in enhancing your education and future. Please note, not all qualified applicants will have the opportunity to enroll. Selection is not guaranteed. Each year, the College receives far more applications from individuals who meet the minimum qualifications for admission than we can accept. You are encouraged to apply to other institutions as well. Please review the Admissions Considerations before beginning the application.


·         Our annual admissions for new students are for Lower Preparatory classes only. New students for other classes may apply for all class levels except Classes X and XII. For classes Upper Prep to Class IX, the number of openings depends entirely upon available vacancies. FYI: Typically, there are 1-3 vacancies for a class, if at all.

·         A sibling currently enrolled as a student in La Martinière Girls’ College or La Martinière College does not guarantee admission of a candidate in Lower Preparatory or any other class.

·       Being member of the La Martinière Girls’ Alumni Association or La Martinière Alumni does not guarantee admission into the College.


Please respect the values by which we conduct admissions at our Institution.

·         The College states categorically that it does not accept donations or contributions (monetary or in kind) for admissions.

·         No person or group is authorized to collect or receive donations or any kind of compensation for admissions. Any such solicitation must be reported to the school Principal immediately.

·         The Principal views with great distaste any form of influence used for getting your child admitted at La Martinière Girls College. This includes letters of recommendations from eminent persons, personal contacts, courtesy calls and any reference to personal acquaintance and friendships.

·         Please note that while courtesy shall be extended, it would not be in the interest of the candidate for any kind of benign influence to be exercised.