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CLASS 6 to 8

Final Quiz(29.10.15)

Individual Results House Positions
1. Hodson
2. - Martin
3. - Lyons
4.- Cornwallis

Inter House Music Competition(04.08.2015)

Indian Group Western Group
1. Martin 1.Martin
2. Lyons 2.Cornwallis
3. Hodson 3.Lyons
4.Cornwallis 4.Hodson
Overall House Position
1. Martin
2. Cornwallis
3. Lyons

Individual Achievement

Indian Solo Western Solo Instrumental
1.Chahat Malhotra(Hodson) 1.Avantika Lal(Martin) 1. Anvi Chaturvedi(Lyons)
2.Aarushi Mehra (Cornwallis) 2.Muskaan Rajpal(Cornwallis) 2. Mandavi Mishra(Martin)
3.Muskaan Agarwal(Lyons) 3.Ayushi Banafar(Hodson) 3. Apoorva Alina Mishra(Cornwallis)
4.Anushka Ghoshal(Martin) 4.Nikita Sethi (Lyons)

4.Anusha Srivastava(Hodson)


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