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Interface to Revivify Information technology and Secure coding

    IRIS is the IT club of La Martiniere Girls’ College which was formed under the guidance of our late principal Mrs. Farida Abraham in the academic year 2016. It stands for Interface to Revivify Information Technology and Secure Coding with our main aim being technological advancement and awareness.

IRIS aims at encouraging students to develop their analytical temperament wherein they understand and explore the arenas of computer science and technology and engage themselves in that sphere where they can showcase their capabilities in the best manner.

Teachers Incharge: Miss S. Arora

Founding Core Team (2016-17) : Nishantika Auddy, Ridhima Tripathi, Roopali Neeraj and Rudraakshi Tiwari.

Core Team (2017-18) : Deviyani Sah, Ishita Kumar, Zaina Qasim and Antara Keswani


Cybus 2017, an IT based interschool competition was organised and conducted by IRIS, the computer club of La Martiniere Girls' College as a part of Entente 2017 on the 4th of August, 2017 at La Martiniere Girls' College. 

The event started with preliminary round of quiz with 16 schools participating. Spring Dale LDA Branch, La Martiniere College,La Martiniere Girls' College and St. Francis' College. After an enthralling round of quizzing, La Martiniere College won the quiz. The winners said that the quiz was highly competitive and the questions were difficult to answer. The quiz covered all the fields of computer technology like companies, softwares and hardware, processors, coding and even animation. 

Race-o-bots, the robots' race was a much awaited event. CMS Gomti Nagar Campus 1 won the race. The participants commented that the hardwork put in to design the robots was worth it, as the tracks were excellently designed and the race was very thrilling. 

Events Digital Mural, Virtuoweave and Slide Your Point were conducted in the senior computer lab. The topic for Digital Mural held for classes 5 and 6  was 'Design a Magazine Cover or a Book cover'. The varied interpretation were a pleasure to look at as the students painted the computer canvas  with great innovation. The event was won by St. Agnes' Loreto Day School. The theme for web designing was 'Online tutorial' and the teams praised the topic as being one of modern relevance. Slide Your Point had its topic as 'Upcoming Technology'. The judges remarked that the events were very organised and the enthusiasm of the students was appalling. 

The event was a huge success and was well co-ordinated. With Cybus, La Martiniere Girls' College introduced an entire new world of analytical technological temperament and inquisitive approach and in the years to come, the school hopes to make it an even greater success.