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Khursheed Manzil or the “House of the Sun” is the main building of La Martiniere Girls’ College. It houses the college office and residential quarters of the students. It is a large double storeyed mansion marked by six low towers. Planned by Saadat Ali Khan, it was completed by his son Ghazi-ud-din Haider. It is built in the form of a castle fortified by a twelve foot wide moat over which there was formerly a drawbridge. During the 1st War of Independence, 1857, Khursheed Manzil was the location of some very stubborn fighting. At that time it served as the Mess House of the officers of the 32nd Regiment.

The college is situated in the heart of the city and stands upon high ground. Apart from the main building, Khursheed Manzil, additions and improvements have been made. There are now fourteen main college buildings connected by covered corridors, housing large and airy dormitories, dining halls, library, laboratories and of course the classrooms. The college auditorium is a separate building, located near the main entrance. The college also has a small hospital in the charge of a qualified nurse and an Honorary Doctor. The college grounds apart from the lawn, gardens and orchards; also house badminton, basketball and tennis courts, a large playing field and a swimming pool.


There are 69, spacious, well lit and ventilated classrooms in the College. To promote the spirit of competition, to facilitate the teaching learning process and to encourage well decorated classrooms we have instituted an award for the best class room of the month. A photograph of the chosen classroom will  also be displayed on the website at the end of the month.


This auditorium was built by Miss Mary Ann Gresseux. She was the Lady Principal and Secretary of La Martiniere Girls’ College. Tha auditorium was inaugurated by His Excellency B.Gopala Reddi, Governor of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, 6th September, 1969 to commemorate the centenary of the school. The Auditorium is used for Assemblies, Co-curricular Activities, the Annual concert, as well as Indoor Badminton. In the year 2003 a balcony was added to the auditorium.  At the entrance of the lobby of the auditorium is a bust of our Founder Major General Claude Martin.



The boarding of La Martiniere Girls' College can be considered as a big happy family. It is a home away from home, a second home to all the resident students. The school provides  very good boarding facility. Students from other countries also come to study in this prestigious school. There is a Hostel Superintendent, two dormitory Matrons, a qualified Nurse and two housekeepers who take care of the food section. Special food is provided to all the boarders on festivals and other such occasions. The food supplied is healthy and nutritious. The boarders play games like volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis every evening. Swimming and judo are also taught.


There is a well stocked Fiction and Reference Library and the College subscribes to a variety of magazines and newspapers. Children are encouraged to use the library regularly especially to prepare for their projects and other work. A computer in the library gives students access to the internet. There is a library lesson every week in the school curriculum. The library is also equipped with audio and video CD's on various subjects.The new Junior School library was inaugurated by Reverend Chandy on 27th May, 2011 in the Junior department. The library has books catering to children of classes 2 to 5. 



Computer Laboratories

There are two computer laboratories in the school, one for the Junior School and the other for the Middle and Senior School. The Senior School Computer Laboratory holds 40 computers with internet connections.
The new Junior School Computer Laboratory was inaugurated by Reverend Chandy on 27th May, 2011.The laboratory has 22 computers and its own internet facility.

Physics Laboratory

The physics lab is huge and spacious and is a favorite haunt for the senior girls. Its large wooden work tables and cement side-benches give it just the right touch and feel. It is upgraded with new apparatus quite frequently, and there are provisions for separate apparatus for daily use and for examinations.
The lab is equipped with numerous facilities and equipment for research and training of budding scientists in their endeavour to explore the fascinating world of science.


Biology Laboratory

The Biology lab of La Martiniere Girls' College is a trove of natural treasures ranging from an elephant’s skull, to preserved twin foetuses, a giant pitcher plant, creatures from the sea and colourful models and charts that adorn the walls.
The lab that can seat forty students is well equipped with microscopes, glassware and reagents required for the practical use.
The lab has been recently revamped with tiled working tables and new furniture.

                                                     Biology Lab

Chemistry Laboratory

The lab is one of the best labs of the city. It has a clean high-tech look with its tiled surfaces and exhaust fans. We have more equipment than is required at the I.S.C. level. About 250 students perform experiments every week with very high quality apparatus. Only branded chemicals like B.D.H., Glaxo are used.

                                                     Chemistry Lab

Biotechnology Laboratory

La Martiniere Girls' College introduced Biotechnology as a subject for Class 11 in 2003, when the council gave schools the option to add it to the curriculum.
The Biotech Laboratory is equipped with apparatus like Incubator, Spectrometer, Centrifuge, UV Trans Illuminator, etc.

                                                       Biotech Lab


The new building has two large and well equipped Audio Visual rooms where the children can watch the various presentations made by the teachers from time to time.

                                                      AV Room


The College houses a well-ventilated and spacious hospital with twelve beds in the general ward and four in the isolation ward. The hospital works twenty-four hours and caters to the needs of the residential staff and students. During the day, it meets the emergency requirements of all in La Martiniere Girls' College. 
The hospital is ably run by a trained nurse. We are lucky to have two visiting doctors who assist us whenever the need arises.
A number of medical camps and seminars related to health are held during the year.


It is the Meditation Centre at LMGC built by the children themselves in 2003. It is an octagonal verandah, free of restricting walls in the school orchard. A glass painting adorns one side and a closer look at it will reveal the symbols of all faiths with colourful blossoms. A schedule has been worked out for children of all classes to visit Tranquility for a moral science class, yoga or just quiet meditation.



To inspire and encourage the young Picassos and Da Vincis of our institution, the artists were allotted a special  room in the year 2001. It has been fondly named as 'Atelier'meaning an artist’s workshop. The art room is a place where our art students give vent to their creativity because Art is an important part of the school’s curriculum


‘Bharatnatyam’ is offered as a popular elective course for students from Classes I to VIII and a large room has been allotted for the same.
The classes are taught by Mrs. Kanika Chaturvedi, an accomplished teacher of this art form who has learnt it in the ‘Kalashetra’ style.



Our college has a separate Music Room. Classes from Lower Preparatory to Class 8 come here for their singing class. Different songs for the different age groups are taught to the children.  In our Music Room we have instruments like sitar, piano, drum kit, etc.  We are happy to have a good furnished music room so that the children can get proper vocal training to further improve their talent.


The College has two Basketball courts and a Tennis court. There is a Volleyball and a Badminton court also,used by the staff and students.

                                                      Tennis Room


1962 saw the first swimming pool in Lucknow and it was at La Martiniere Girls' High School. District and State meets were held in the LMGC pool until the pool at the stadium was built. The first Inter Martiniere Calcutta Vs Lucknow swimming competition was held in 1962 itself and swimming replaced badminton at the meet. The pool was tiled in 1992 and the filter plant added in the same year. Class swimming for classes 3, 4 & 5 is held every day during the swimming season (April-October). A large number of students avail this opportunity to learn how to swim. The residential scholars use the pool every evening. The swimmers under the able guidance of Miss R.Chaurasia practice hard and have brought many laurels both at state and national levels.They have also won the State rowing Championship cup.




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