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The Health Club now known as Special Activities Club was established in the year 2010, in collaboration with Hope Initiative and La Martiniere Girls’ Alumni Association. This club is one of its kinds in India and definitely proved to be a boon to the students of the college.
The main aim of the club is to develop health consciousness in the students. 

Activities organised by the Special Activities Club in the year 2016:-

La Martiniere Girls' College organized 'Ataraxis' on 12th August, 2016 as a part of the three days long event called "Entente”. It saw the enthusiastic participation of more than 15 schools. Ataraxis- which translates to the absence of mental stress or anxiety aims to encourage participants to display their talents outside the field of academics.

Numerous competitions like Fantasy Land – fancy dress competition for the preparatory students; Creative Play, Collage Making contest for classes 7-8 and Salad making competition for classes 11-12 were organised.
The competitions organised for the senior students included 'All the World's a Stage' in which the teams had to enact any one of Shakespeare's play with the setting of the play in the 21st century and "Dance-a-Step' in which the participating teams performed western dances.
The competitions were judged by an esteemed panel of judges.

The winners of the competitions are:
Once upon a time – Vinayak Tripathi, Adamya
Fantasy Land- Kaynat Khalio, Jeetendra Singh
Expressive Ingenuity (Face Painting) - Sumbul Ali, Nishtha, Anshu
Elo-in-Sync (Group Elocution)- La Martiniere Girls’College


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Activities organised by the Health Club in the year 2015:

Entente, which was an amalgamation of BEE Jewel, Ataraxis, Gandhi Corner Exhibition-cum-Skit and Scientofab, was a three day long event organised and held at La Martiniere Girls' College from the 5th to the 7th of August,2015.

     The event Ataraxis was held on the 6th of August,2015 and was conducted by the Health Club of the school. The two prefects of the club- Tvisha Tandon and Pankhuri Mehrotra managed the event under the able guidance of the teacher incharge, Mrs. N. Dwivedi.
     The event included various cultural and entertainment activities like fancy dress, dramatics, singing, cooking, collage-making and dance competitions etc, for children of all age groups. Students of over 20 schools enthusiastically participated in the event and gave praise-worthy performances.
       The school had invited many eminent people like Dr. Garima Mehrotra, Mrs. I. Basu, Mr. Ayaz Sheikh, Mrs Kanika Khanna, among others, to judge its various competitions according to their fields of interests. 
       The event was a huge success and it served its main purpose of promoting stress relieving and fun filled activities among today's hard working students.

Activities organised by the Health Club in the year 2014:
World Health Day is celebrated all over the world on 7th April. Health Club, La Martiniere Girls' College celebrated this day by organizing several competitions for all classes on the 9th and 10th of April.
Classes L.P and U.P had competitions where they had to colour fruits. Class one played 'Treasure Hunt' on the field while class two played a memory game. These competitions helped the girls to improve their art and memory skills respectively in a fun way. Classes three and four participated in 'Word Hunt' games. While the students of class five enjoyed themselves painting on the topics 'Healthy Living' and 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Class six had a collage making competition while class seven had to make wall hangings. These competitions were to encourage the students to eat healthy. Class eight and ten had an interesting health quiz which has encouraged the students to read more about health, class nine had to make book marks.
Classes eleven and twelve were shown documentaries namely 'Story of the two pebbles' and 'Cracked Pot'. These documentaries served as stress buster for the students who enjoyed them thoroughly.
Thus, the 'Health Club' gave the students of LMGC the message to stay healthy in an interesting and novel way.



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