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Entente 2017:

La Martiniere Girls’ College hosted a three day event of Inter school competitions, ‘Entente’ an amalgamation of its various activity clubs, namely, Bee Jewel, Ataraxis, Gandhi Corner, Scientofab and Cybus on 2nd, 3rd and 4th August, 2017. ENTENTE has grown to a large stature in the local school circuit, seeing a participation of talented students from more than 18 well known schools of the city. For BEE Jewel the theme was ‘Sitcoms’. The competition commenced with ‘Two and a Half Minutes’, where all the teams and their escort teachers were asked to introduce themselves. This was followed by various other competitions which tested the language skills of the students. ‘Whose Rhyme is it Anyway?’ a slam poetry competition and ‘Pretty Little Stories’, where each participant had to create a tiny tale. In ‘M-AD MEN’, each team had to advertise a product by composing catchy jingles gaining the interest from the audience. The quiz, ‘Brain Tactics’ tested the participants knowledge of famous literary works, sitcoms and television series. The last and much awaited competition of the day was ‘The Big Band Theory’. The bands from different schools had prepared a song, suiting the personality of the sitcomical character assigned to them. The audience was captivated by the performances. After grueling competition, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School bagged the BEE Jewel Trophy. Ataraxis took place on 3rd August, 2017. The day got off to a promising start with ‘ONCE UPON A TIME’, a quiz on the knowledge of fairytales for classes 5 and 6. FANTASY LAND, the fancy dress competition, witnessed class lower preparatory and upper preparatory dressed as their favourite foods. EXPRESSIVE INGENUITY, the face-painting competition, saw students from class 7 to 8 letting their imagination run wild as they used bright colours regarding their topic ‘OPPOSITES OR PARALLELS’. Students of class 1 and 2 participated in ELO-IN-SYNC, a group elocution competition while classes 7 and 8 brought the topic ‘UNDER THE SEA WORLD’ to life in creative play, the collage-making competition. SWAR LEHRI (Indian singing) had the audience swaying their heads to the melodies of the little singers from class 3 and 4. ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE had students from classes 11 and 12 performing Shakespeare’s plays set in the 21st century. The ingenious concept was done justice to, when the students came up with a new storylines displaying their acting skills. LIMIN THE STILL, the sketching competition, was introduced this year. Students from classes 11 and12 let out their inner Picassos while etching objects like lamps, books and fruits onto paper. DANCE A STEP (classes 9 and 10) with its upbeat songs and dance moves lifted the spirits of the audience to great heights. The last competition was THE RAMP, in which students from classes 9 and 10 made apparel out of newspapers and showcased them with great style and elegance. “Scientofab” was organized on Thursday, 3rd of August, 2017 by “The Inquisitive Spirit”, the Science Club of La Martiniere Girls’ College. Seventeen prominent schools participated in the various interesting and challenging competitions that were based on the principle of ‘Learning by Doing’, which is the motto of the club. Various competitions like ‘Science Wars’(a science quiz for class 11), ‘Tournage’( movie making for class 9 and 10), ‘Neurofrenzy’( a seminar on DNA Profiling and its Applications for class 12), ‘Dessin’ ( a doodling competition for class 10), ‘Yugen’(fancy dress for class 1 and 2), ‘Environphilia’(group elocution for class 3 and 4), ‘Creatif Factio’( collage making for class 5 and 6) and ‘ Science Expo’(model making for class 7 and 8), which tested the scientific aptitude of the young science enthusiasts of the city. The competitions were judged by eminent scientists and senior professors from the Lucknow University. The innovative competitions were highly acclaimed by esteemed judges and participant schools. On 4th August, 2017 the colourful Gandhi Corner Exhibition was an excellent way to spread awareness about Hepatitis. Its relevance was further enhanced in the Awareness Skit Competition which was won by La Martiniere Girls’ College. The computer club, IRIS organised the second session of CYBUS. Six competitions were organized for classes 5 to 12. The events were Debug the Bug, Cryptics Computer Science Quiz, presentation making in Slide Your Point, visual art in Digital Mural, website designing in Virtuo Weave and lastly Robotics. These interesting competitions encouraged the participants to be creative as well as analytical. The event ended with the Chief guest, Mrs. Sanghamitra Chakraborty, Editor-in-Chief of Reader's Digest, giving away the prizes.The coveted Entente 2017 Trophy was won by La Martiniere Girls' College. But being the host team it was given to La Martiniere College. The running trophy for BEE Jewel was lifted by Seth. M. R. Jaipuria College. The Principal, Mrs. A. Dass gave the vote of thanks. The event in its third year proved to be a roaring success.


Entente 2016:

Entente, an amalgamation of Bee Jewel, Gandhi Corner Exhibition, Ataraxis, Scientofab and Cybus, was a three day long event organised by La Martiniere Girls' College from the 11th to the 13th of August, 2016.

Bee Jewel, organised by BEES; with over 20 schools participating in a series of literary events, was held on the 11th of August.
With competitions like Only Time Will Tell( an essay writing competition), Past and Presentation ( where each participant had to narrate the story of a Hollywood movie and then present it as a power point presentation), poetry writing competition- Back in Time and Chronicles of Charade, the liveliness and enthusiasm was kept alive among the students. The organisers, with Ms I. Basu as the head, promised a day full of amusement with loads of entertainment.

Ataraxis, headed by Ms. J Shukla and organised on the 12th, witnessed students from all age groups and classes, participating with much enthusiasm in activities like fancy dress, singing, cooking, and dance competitions. Their commendable performances captivated the judges as well as the audience.

The science club of LMGC- The Inquisitive Spirit- organised Scientofab to develop in  students a scientific mindset and the spirit of inquiry. Its teacher coordinators were Mrs. R. Kapoor and Mrs. R. Masih. 
'Little Scientists' had students from classes 1 and 2 dressing up as eminent scientists, without whose ingenious inventions the world we live in would have been a different place. Aqua Saver, Science Wars and Desperdicio Toy had the participants testing their knowledge and skills.

Gandhi Corner, the social service unit of the school with Mrs. Khanna as the teacher incharge, put up an exhibition with " Listen to your Heart" as the topic. A skit competition was organised to spread awareness among the youth about various heart related disorders and diseases.

On the last day of Entente, IRIS- the IT club organised Cybus to help students develop an analytical temperament  such that they understand and explore the various arenas of computer science and technology. Students actively participated in competitions like Slide your point, Virtuoweave and Race your Bots.

The prize distribution ceremony was held in the auditorium with Mrs. Archana Kapoor, the founder of Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformations (SMART)- a Non Governmental Organisation that works with the marginalized communities in India, as the Chief Guest.
The Entente 2016 and Bee Jewel trophies were won by La Martiniere Girls' College, but as the host school does not vie for the trophies, they were handed over to La Martiniere College and St Agnes Loreto Day School, respectively.




BEE Jewel - BEES

Ataraxis - Special Activities Club

Scientofab - Science Club

Gandhi Corner Skit cum Exhibition - Gandhi Corner

Cybus - IT Club


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