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Awareness towards our fragile eco system is the need of the hour and La Martiniere Girls' College took the lead to spread awareness at ECO BUZZ, 2016. An informative exhibition was put up by the students of all classes to sensitize people. The exhibition threw light on various aspects covering all academic subjects. Charts and models covered various topics like Eco Tourism, Uttar Pradesh Heritage, National Parks, Sustainable Energy, Natural Disasters, Pollution, etc.

All the children of LMGC made saleable items from recycled goods, such as, coasters made from old CD's, ribbons, paper, tiles, etc. Table runners from old dupattas, saris; Cushions from old Tee-shirts; Lamps from used bottles, Pop Corn Buckets; Pista shell candles; Button tags, key rings, key holders and many more such items were made, which were appreciated by one and all. This effort truly emphasized the need to teach future generations to Renew, Reuse and Recycle.

It was an enriching learning experience not only for the students of LMGC, but also for the students from various schools of the city. A fun filled day with various food and games stalls was enjoyed by all at the open fete.
Vice Principal, Mrs. A. Dass with her hardworking team was the brainchild behind all the effort and success of the day.




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